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I'm a huge fan of RK Imperial steam.  They are a great value with a variety of offerings.  This product line is what ultimately pulled me into O Gauge.   That said, we can always wish for more!  My wish list in priority order:

  1. NYC Niagara.  I understand this endeavor would mean investing in new tooling, but what a hugely popular engine this would be.  Besides, I'd love to see the PT tender roll behind a RK Hudson.  Sign me up for a RK traditional Hudson with Scullin disk drivers and a PT tender right after the Niagara.  The RK ESE Hudson with a PT tender would be sweet too!
  2. PRR T1.  I can't be the only one who would open their wallet for one of these. 
  3. C&O 2-6-6-2.  MTH has done a great job with offering lots of big articulateds, something of more moderate size would look better on the tighter curves

What's on your wish list for RK Imperial steam?


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My Imperial wish list?

I wish for the new PS3 steam to coast to a stop in conventional. Until then, I will not buy another MTH PS3 steamer. 

Oh, the trains? Their RTR 2-8-0 as a  "tricked out" Imperial offering, I think, would produce many sales. If it coasted in conventional, I'd be a  buyer. 

I do have the Imperial ES44 Evolution Hybrid on order - very excited to get it. Always liked that engine and finally placed an order with my LHS. 

Marty, Thanks for your effort. I may have to go to my grave unfulfilled, but I'll never give up hope. By the way, was the weaver conversion a really difficult job and did you raise it to P 3. Hard to believe there aren't enough Shore  Line fans to warrant a production run. Maybe while at the  Big E at the end of the month, I'll try to lobby Rich Melvin and Jim Barrett for an article on that upgrade. Cheers, Tom

Here is my Weaver I-5.   It was upgraded to PS-3.  The only tough part was locating the 10 pin receiver in the locomotive.   This was the last Weaver I-5 done and it was done up with TAS boards and TAS smoke.  The smoke fluid reservoir was smaller than an MTH unit.  I had to shoe horn the smoke resistors in so they would not touch the metal sides and short out.  It was worth the effort as it smokes like a steam locomotive.  This engine has sprung drivers and pickup rollers in the tender.  The gearing in these locomotives is fantastic.  It will crawl without jerking at 1 MPH.  I am a die cast guy but this was the only way I could go.  

 I can remember seeing these locomotives run.   I lived on the New Haven main line while school was in and lived with my aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania summer time watching the mighty GG-1 every day.   My parents would take me down to the tracks many times each week to watch trains.  My home was behind the New Haven Readville Car shops.  We would always look for what was known to me as the bullet train.  My Mother worked at the Readville shops from the start of WW-2 until about 1950.  She is still alive (93 years) and has told me the train we called the bullet train was the I-5 Hudson.   My Mother went to St Anns school in Readville and often talks about watching the Comet fly by the school.  I would guess every kid was stuck to the window.  I would have been.  Great New Haven stuff.



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