Ok I double checked my Menards boxcars.  100% painted/printed .. No stickers anywhere!   Some REALLY nice looking cars!  I just wish they would make more Southern stuff! 


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gunrunnerjohn posted:

I've asked the question several times about the actual size of the boxcars, but I guess nobody at RMT has a ruler.

from their website

The RMT-New O-gauge CLASSIC 64 Series cars are true FULL SIZE 3-rail O-gauge freight cars

They feature:
Limited Edition
Different roadnumbers for each RR
Operates O-27/O-31 curves
Realistic painting -lettering - numbers
Sliding doors
Diecast metal trucks w/operating couplers
FULL SIZE O-gauge Dimensions approx. 12in.L x 3 3/8in.H x 2 3/8in.W

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As you can see from my previous post, the cars are not 12in long as the graph squares are 1/2 in. x 1/2 in.  The width and height of the car is close to what I measured.  The car body is 10-1/4 in long.  You can see some pictures in my previous post also.



Hopefully, RMT will keep finding those rare, and previously thought to be gone, warehouse finds. That must be a huge warehouse with rows and rows and stacks and stacks of inventory... sort of like that last scene in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark".


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