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All 4 Ore Cars for Pats trains 9-23-2021PATRICK'S TRAINS




RMT-96774 SOO LINE M.ST.P.&S.STE.M. O Scale Ore Car Patrick's Trains Exclusive

RMT-96774 SOO LINE M.ST.P.&S.STE.M. O Scale Ore Car Patrick's Trains Exclusive

RMT-96774 SOO LINE M.ST.P.&S.STE.M O Scale Ore Car Patrick's Trains Exclusive Every car will have a unique road number. The RMT-new Premium Ore Car series of freight cars are clearly superior in many ways to any previously produced O-gauge/O-scale Ore cars. The RMT-Premium Ore cars are now a completely new tooling freight car with chassis underbody details showing an airbrake system, operating metal couplers w/hidden uncoupler tab and fast-roll metal wheels. However, any previous RMT Ore car production of only 1 specific Railroad roadnumber will not be repeated...allowing each railroad series to continue with multiple roadNUMBERS available. The RMT-New Premium Series cars are true 3-rail O-gauge freight cars They feature: Different roadnumbers for each RR car Removable Ore Load Operates O-31 curves Realistic painting -lettering - numbers Diecast metal trucks w/operating couplers O-gauge Dimensions: 7 1/4in L over couplers x 3inH to top of ore load x 2 5/8in W All RMT-New Premium Series freight cars will be available as individual items and not as SETs. However, there will be different roadNUMBERS available for each railroadNAME as shown below or just a single roadNUMBER depending upon specific railroadNAME.
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O/O-27 Gauge
Ready Made Trains
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Freight Cars
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  • All 4 Ore Cars for Pats trains  9-23-2021
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Hi Pat,

I really like the SOO LINE M.ST.P.&S.STE.M ore cars.  I have a couple of questions. 1) The description says 031 curves. My ore loading facility is pretty tight. I’m using 027 curves. Will these cars navigate a slightly tighter radius?  2) Assuming you received the minimum order, any idea how long the delivery time would be?  (I know that’s probably difficult to predict with everything going on today.)


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