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May 17, 2022 revised

RMT announces 3 new ore cars available only from RMT hobby shop dealers. Pre-order them today. Check out the full selection of 3-rail O-scale O-gauge ore cars on the RMT website...

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967113 LONG ISLAND website

967213 NY CENTRAL website96799-139 ATLANTIC website


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  • 967213 NY CENTRAL website
  • 96799-139 ATLANTIC website
  • 967113 LONG ISLAND website
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If mining on Long Island, how deep did they get before they hit the water table?  When exploring a Minnesota gold rush site ( yeah, they had one as did North Carolina), on a tiny island in a lake, I found all the shafts were full of water.

I play golf on a course that was a former sand pit in Port Washington NY About half of the concrete in Manhattan came from this mine including the Empire State Building.

The site goes from a few feet above sea level on Hempstead Harbor to about 200' in the back.

I'm all in for the LIRR cars.....👍👍

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SIRT and NYC 428...Cars are expected in late Summer 2022. In production right now. The new RMT production ore cars were announced when tooling/design started in 2021. These cars are using completely NEW tooling and are not re-runs of existing tooling.

To create a new car from scratch does not happen overnight and nobody is eagerly waiting for these cars to be delivered more than I am.

As soon as the first shipment leaves the factory, it will be posted here on the OGR Forum.

Thanks for your continued interest and support.


Bwana Bob...LIRR AQUEBOGUE has been corrected. I posted the wrong uncorrected version. Thanks for your keen eye. By the way, the NYA (ex LIRR reference) car was originally correct for those interested.

967113 LONG ISLAND website

I ordered one anyway, before you posted about the correction.  I love this era of the LIRR.  I have all the previous releases.  I might just get the NY&A too, since I bought the previous pair.

I wish an NY&A Bang was in the cards.......

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