I got a chance to visit this museum a couple of weeks ago.  The family we were visiting was a good friend of the owner.  Got a personal tour by owner.  Huge, 120ft x 25ft or so, magnificently detailed.  If you are in the DC area well worth a visit.  Anyone else made a visit?

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It is a good place to visit. I live only 20 minutes from Frederick and the museum is right downtown, so it is a great location near restaurants and other shops. It is a huge layout and I am always a fan of a place that promotes this wonderful hobby to the public.  

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I'll add that Point of Rocks, MD is a short distance away.  There's a handsome historic B&O station (which is still an active MARC commuter station.)  It's a great place to see commuter trains and CSX freights- two busy mainlines!

In fact, the whole C&O canal trail is worth doing (bike is best, but you can also hike or drive)  It goes all the way to Harper's Ferry and there are several locations that offer good railfanning and photography.

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

You also have the old depot in Ellicott City, B&O museum in Baltimore and lots of history to boot. Downtown Frederick is an awesome visit, try the Civil War Medical Museum on E Patrick Street, the Cuban restaurant catty corner to it is awesome as are many of the cafe's and restaurants downtown, an upscale seafood and steak place, Dutch's Daughter is near Fort Detrick, a little spendy but awesome crabcakes and steaks.

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