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Hello.  Can anyone please suggest a kit or pre-built automobile bridge?  The layout I'm building is going to have MTH Realtrax in a cutting (a single track line) with a road for cars  going over the track from one side of the cutting to the other.  However, when I search for bridge kits, the only "hits" I get are for all different kinds of bridges for trains to use.  These all look way too massive for a car road bridge and most of them are also really narrow to accommodate only a single track.  What I need is road bridge, about 8" long and about 6" wide for a two-lane country road to cross over the track.  I am happy to kitbash if need be, but my internet searches just aren't finding anything to start with.  I'd be grateful for any suggestions.  Thanks!

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An Atlas HO girder bridge installed bottom up with a basswood deck (5" wide) attached would work.   The Atlas bridge is 9" long.

Another option is a Marx plate girder bridge.  The Marx bridge is stamped "Erie" but can be repainted.  The unmodified bridge is reasonable for a country road up to ca. 1990.  It can be widened with a basswood deck.  The bridges usually go for $ 10 - $ 15.

In my opinion the best looking solution would be the Atlas HO Warren truss bridge, which is 8" long.  The good news is that these, and cheaper copies, have been made for years, so it's easy -- unless you need to have this bridge tomorrow -- to find them in various conditions for a couple of bucks at train shows.   [ One reason there are so many is that many came in the Tyco or equivalent train sets ]  Of course it isn't wide enough, so you simply cut it in "half" -- it's all plastic -- and attach the results to the bottom of your roadway.


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Your key words are Country Road which I’m guessing would be a rural setting. I’ve seen a number of this style in prototype photos and on many layouts. Of course it’s an HO item. But it looks like a fairly straight forward sctatchbuild out of something like basswood. The best part of a scratch build is. It can be built to your specs..


The only thing I’ve seen in O. Is Bachman made a well worn looking covered bridge.

Crow River makes a concrete type.


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Some of the girder bridges mad for trains could be used for cars without appearing too massive.  The MTH girder bridge extensions could be readily adapted for car traffic by removing the the steel trusses on the side.  Also check the vendor list in the scenery and structures forum.  There are some concrete bridges for roadways manufactured, I'm just not sure of the brand names.

Probably not the style or proportions you seek, but I modified this Plasticville O/S truss bridge as a single lane rural auto road overpass... IMG_6226

The bridge is 17-1/4" long and 4-1/2" wide.  Although not yet installed, the bridge as shown will be crossing a single track and parallel roadway on the layout.

The bridge could be shortened by doing some surgery to remove one of the center two square truss sections.  That would reduce the length by about 4-3/4" (12-1/2" result.  With careful cutting of the plastic members, it shouldn't be that difficult project. The plastic is easy to cut and re-weld/assemble.

Also, the P-ville truss pieces could be cut horizontally through the center of the X-braces, reattached to the base, and eliminate the overhead truss pieces to create a quasi Warren-type bridge...something I plan to do for another area of the layout...rural road over creek situation.  That modification would yield a bridge about 14" in length.  And, if one of the two center sections were also removed, a bridge about 9-1/4" in length would result.

Going back to the bridge in the photo, I added the roadway with wood pieces, Plastruct pedestrian railings on either side, and NBW details for the roadway curbing timbers.  Other than that it was paint, stains, chalks, ...done.  About a weekend's worth of bench time.  And not very expensive, either.  Actually, quite fun!!



Show us what you selected when your project is done...  We all like seeing solutions to common problems!



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