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A few suggestions that I've used for temporary layouts and Wargaming setups.  The first two are on my Christmas layout now.

-Thick Grey vinyl I trash picked a whole roll of.

-Christmas village vinyl brick or cobblestone roads.

-28mm(1/56) wargaming roads on thin. mousepad material.  By "Strategem" . A bit pricier, but they look great and lay and flex very well  Been meaning to buy a second set.

-Actual asphalt shingles. Tabs cut off, painted black, lines stenciled and then dusted with tan spray paint. A bit heavy to tote around and stuff but great looking and stay in place well.

@Csxcellent posted:

How do you guys build roads for a temporary layout? Thanks

I've had good luck with tar paper, the kind that is used for roofing shingle underlayment. The color and texture is about right, it easily takes to grease pencil, white-out tape or painted markings, and is pretty cheap, especially  if you can cage a few scraps or have some left over. About the only downside is that it tends to curl if not secured, but it can be straightened and a few dabs of two-sided or foam tape will hold it flat pretty well, or you can glue it to a slightly narrower piece of foam board and bend the edges down for a 'shoulder' effect.

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