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Hi everyone.  My first post as a newbie setting up my first layout.  I have. Ross 175 double crossover that sits right in front of where the control panel will be.  I thought I could save a few dollars and do the switching manually with Caboose Industries ground throws. The wiring instructions assume using switch machines and a relay, and sure enough I’ve got trouble at the diamond.

Does anyone have guidance on how to wire this correctly with manual throws?


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I was testing it out before track laying got too far, so limited number of locos have tried it.  Two conventional Lionel’s with single truck power.  

The loco passes through straight on both sides without problem, but when crossing, pops the breaker as soon as wheel gets to the diamond.

I called out to Ross and the employee did not express confidence when asked, but suggested I power all the black rails and ground all the shiny rails and all will be well.  That is how I wired it.  

I may have two problems as the diamond may need power for these single truck pickup engines, but the short that occurs seems like another problem.


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