What the heck is the green line near the "A" and "B" on the drawing?  I can't figure it out, and am sure it's obvious to everyone on the forum but me.  It looks like it is attached to the two outside rails. But why???  Any help is appreciated.  I will call Z-Stuff tomorrow, but am too impatient to wait if someone can help.  Thanks.



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Hi Bucky:

Sorry for the dupe post, I confess I missed the part where you stated exactly what I did.  It's late. 

It appears that they want to ensure good continuity with the outer rails, and not rely on you doing it elsewhere.  It doesnt appear to have any other electrical importance, but I could be wrong.  I typical use Atlas switches myself.

--Nate Murry

Its simpler using DZ 2500Cs  you just need 2  DZ-2501s  with 4 diodes.

the rightmost vertical green just connects the outer rails together and is not connected to the non-derailing short rail on the right turnout.

a 3-way uses at most 2 switch positions to set the turnout; trick is that if one already set you only want the LCR buttons to set one switch without resetting the first position switch.  That is the reason for the diodes to prevent cross signals.


a 4-way is a better option if you can fit it in.


A 4 way, yard throat takes a fair amount of space.  With a couple of slips and additional switches.  

Pictured is an early Curtis 4 way.   Curtis becomes Ross with time.  

Slip cross over. 

IMO, search the internet, train shows, and train clubs,  switches pictured above, were found used, available at reduced prices.  IMO   Mike CT.   Fort Pitt Highrailer train storage throat module,  There are two 4 ft. X 6 ft. track modules that extend this to 18 ft of train storage.  


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I allowed 41" table space for ample clearance of the wall/ outer mainline in my 4-way Service Yard arrangement.  

Attic Layout 020-002


A&Y RY[NC's Southern/N&W connector].


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