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I am in the planning phase and have a smaller (18'x5') loop of 42" radius Gargraves that will be the initial focus of the layout.  I have a longer running loop of O72 (32'x11).  I do not want to do a crossover switch as I'd like the loops to join with enough distance to add a station siding on the O42 loop that is long enough to fit a six car passenger train.  Thus, the #6 and #8 switches are too long.  Would I be cool to do this with two pair of 11 degree or #4 switches so long as the train is not at full speed upon hitting the switch? Should I go with a radius switch option, or find another spot to try this entirely?  Thank you for your thoughts on this.



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We could probably advise you better if you would post a diagram of your layout, or even a carefully-drawn sketch.  That being said, you probably wouldn't go wrong with the "regular" 11-degree turnout.  The switches with a curved leg often result in 'S' curves or abrupt transitions to restore parallel alignment.  Thankfully, Ross gives you lots of options!

Creep, coast, and pull.  We're not talking about cold fusion here.

I estimated that you need about 100" for a semi-scale steamer and six car train. You have about 150" of straight to work with in the O42 loop. The Ross Reg 11° are 14.65" long or 29.3" total. 

Placing the switches in the O42 loop just past or at the curve will give you the maximum straight to work with.

The 11° can handle a good speed for crossing over.

here's 12- GG 10" 



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