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Have 2 Ross Switches for sale,   7 Photos attached.  

Ross 096  RH  -  Very good to Exc. condition,  no rust , no broken ties,  throw bar is in great condition, see photos below.   Manual,  Pre-wired at factory so all outside and center hot rails are solder connected.  Only 2 screw holes drilled  -   SOLD

Ross Curved Switch -  LEFT HAND 096 /  072 diameter -  Also very good condition, no rust, no broken ties, throw bar is perfect....  This switch has been weathered with Rustoleum Camouflage Brown paint.   This switch came from Ross with the Factory pre-wired jumpers , and note that "Non-derailing operation" wires were added on the outbound common rail stub leads so it can be wired for non derailing operation.    Manual, no switch machine included.    SOLD

I can provide a DZ-1000 switch machine for one of these with a factory DZ push-button panel controller and it will be tested prior to shipment to ensure it works perfectly...         SOLD

I also have 4  DZ 1008  SPDT  15 AMP relays which will work with DZ 1000 or DZ 2500 switch machines to send outputs based on switch position...   MSRP at Ross is $15.00,   SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 

Shipping will be via USPS Priority exact shipping cost based on your address,  contact me via the email in my OGR profile.  

Chris a



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