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I am trying to wire up two Ross Switches for non-derailing.  I am using DZ-1000 switch machines.  I have read every prior post I can find on the forum, which has given me a few ideas that I plan on trying to see if any of them correct the issue (Non-derailing is not working at all).  But my question revolves around the use of the MTH AIU.  Is there anything specific I need to do regarding the wiring since the switch is wired through the AIU.  Also, I do not use the DZ 1002 switch buttons, so the wiring goes directly from the AIU, and terminal block, to the switch machine.

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Darren Caruso

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When I looked up the diagram for the DZ-1000 and AUI, it is exactly how I have always wired my switches, but when I looked at the diagram that shows the wiring diagram form the DZ-1000 non-derailing function it shows the ground wire that goes from the AIU "IN" to the terminal block "Common" also is wired to the outside rail of the track.  I do not have this wired up.


Thank you guys for responding.  I currently have a separate terminal block which is wired to the 14v port on a Z4000 transformer.  The common wire goes from the AUI IN to the ground (Black) portion of the terminal block.    The track power is wired separately through the left or right ports of the Z4000.

Should I remove the wire from the terminal block and connect it to the corresponding track power terminal block that powers that block of track?

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