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I just installed my first Ross switch: a tubular rail O72 that's a drop-in replacement for the old Lionel O72 switch. Mechanically, it's a revelation! I've never seen locomotives and rolling stock go through a switch, forward and backward, so smoothly. What a pleasure!

I have two issues/questions about the DZ1000 switch motor that came with the switch:

1) The appropriate LED indicator on the DZ1000 flashes when the switch is thrown, but does not stay illuminated. All my switches are controlled by Lionel SC-2s, including this one. Is there anything I can do so the indicator stays illuminated?

2) In order to make the DZ1000 play nicely with the Lionel LCS STM2, do I have to add a DZ1008 relay (and a 5v DC power source)?

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Rod, thank you!

The wiring diagram on the Z-Stuff website shows that in order for the LEDs on the DZ1000 switch machine to remain illuminated, you need to connect the DZ1002 controller to the SC-2. That did the trick! There was only one hiccup--I had to reverse the polarity of one of the LEDs on the DZ1000 (I had previously swapped the LEDs to get them to match the switch position).

Everything is working now--including the non-derailing function--except for interfacing with the LCS STM2. Unless someone knows otherwise, it appears I have to add a DZ1008 relay (and a 5v DC power source) to get them to work together.

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