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Our club has a Ross 33" turntable. We are trying to match it up with the Atlas roundhouse, that is built for the Atlas 24" turntable. Both are set at 15 deg. The tracks don't meet up. One salution is to move the roundhouse closer to the turntable. That seems to work, but we will have to remove the apron of the roundhouse. Has anyone done this, or have another salution?

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The Atlas roundhouse is designed to fit their 24" table at the exact spacing between the tracks and at that precise distance from their 24" turntable. To fit your 33" table, you have no choice but to shorten the apron distance unless you perform major surgery on the structure itself.


As far cutting down the apron, that can be done with a hobby saw. However, I think the roundhouse will look odd sitting that close to your turntable.

Check with Just Trains in Newark DE  They have the Korber roundhouse kits which will work with your large TT.


No way to make the tiny Atlas round house work with the 33" table and not seem to be a cartoon.


Even if it could be positioned, any large engine would not be able to fit inside the stall.

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