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@rtr12 posted:

Here they are, all newer coal porter hopper cars.

#20-97764 - BNSF (both road numbers)

#20-97792 - KCPL (both road numbers)

The coupler on the one with no tab appears to be a non-opening coupler, it looks different than the one on the other end that has the tab. Also the one with no tab can be rotated 360 degrees by holding the lobster claw and twisting it. The other end with tab does not rotate. Tab is on the brake wheel end.

It looks like they were meant to be used in a rotating coal dumping machine (not sure what the real name for these are) like they have a real power houses where the cars are dumped without having to un-couple them. They are just turned over and dumped out. Not sure how this would work with rotation on only one coupler and no rotation on the coupler on the other end?

I also have these two sets of the same cars. I am guessing they will be the same, but I have not opened either set, they are still in their shipping boxes as they were when picked up from my LHS.

#20-90740 - BNSF (6 car set)

#20-90866 - KCPL (6 car set)

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