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I have a room 130" x 120" and trying to use a Ross double crossover. Don't want a duck under or removable bridge. Hoping to employ a truss bridge to ocean view and the Big Bay lighthouse. Plus a couple operating items. I have a horse corral and milk platform. The one siding is for a coal ramp.

I don't want to expand into the closet as then I would not be able to access the lower right portion.

Feel free to make any comments.

PS: I don't know how to make the picture and the publish.

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Your sketch doesn't play on my MAC.   Can you post it a different way ?

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GVDobler posted:

PS: I don't know how to make the picture and the publish.

SCARM has an export option (file/export) that will output a BMP or JPG file. The JPG is only 411Kb whereas the BMP is almost 33Mb, so I only posted the JPG (they are the same image). That's the easy way, but I recommend you find and learn how to use the Windows Snip&Sketch tool. Press the Win key and start typing "snip" and it will be one of the search results. As you can see looking at my earlier post, it allows you to capture all or part of the screen, like the grid and rulers that SCARM doesn't include for some reason.

PS. Thanks for your service.

Study gargraves_ross 1



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