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1. I get an OGR email  digest message:
Email Digest for February 13, 2012 for OGR FORUM HOME!
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Real Trains0 New Post(s)DailyManage
2. I click on the “real trains” link and I get:


The new address for the OGR Forum is:

Bookmark that address now, because in a few weeks
this address will no longer get you to the OGR Forum.

3. I click on the link shown above.  This takes me to the OGR HOME PAGE!
4. I select the “Forums” tab.
5. I click “Forum List”.
6. On the list, I scroll down and click “Real Trains”. (Didn't I do that before?)
Furthermore, if I click on a link in one of the messages, when I leave it takes me back to Step 2! 
And what’s more, I no longer see the links to the message threads I’ve previously replied to.
This is progress?
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The OGR Forum moved to this new address back on February 1. You got at least THREE emails from me about it. The link in the above Email takes you to the OGR FORUM HOME PAGE, exactly where it should. Bookmark that new address (as suggested in the three emails) and you won't have any more problems.


LOTS of things have changed here. I suggest you spend some time reading about them on the Tech Support Forum before you start asking a bunch of questions that have already been answered.

Originally Posted by Kent Loudon:
Yes, but the link in the EMAIL MESSAGE used to take me DIRECTLY to the Real Trains page!  That's the link that needs to be updated.

That link was in an email that came from the OLD forum. Those emails are no longer valid because nothing is being posted there any more. Those emails have been shut off as of today and you won't get any more of them.


If you still want to get notifications of new posts to the various threads you want to follow, you will have to set them up again here in this new forum. Those preferences did not transfer over from the old forum.

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