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We often get questions about a good way to wire the track within our Roundhouses to allow for good power distribution, and to support the ability to turn power on and off to each track.  We have done a simple diagram to help with that.  Barry was kind enough to review this to ensure we support DCS operation.


Please see the photo below.


photso of track power




You can also go to our Website to get this and other how to and documentation files free of charge.


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  • photso of track power
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Rich, Just reading information like this I want you to know I found this information out the hard way a long time ago. With as many questions I have observed lately, this should be very much appreciated by individuals trying to learn about round tables. Some of us are not as advanced in knowledge about O gauge as others. That's why this is such a great web-site.

If you are using MTH DCS then you need an isolated rail where the engine can be added or programmed to the system. So I use my turntable spurs as multiple isolated rails, since the engine is already sitting there. 


When " MTH Program" mode is switched, all tracks and spurs have power cut-off and only the isolated spur is active. Then I program that spur with that engine.


So to quickly add all other engines on the spurs I simply switch the power to that spur via a rotary switch and then set  Program mode switch once again.


One thing that can give a better signal if you have issues with this wiring.

Use a pair of relay contacts in place of the switch, Move the actual switch to remotely toggle the relays on. The shorter wire runs from Terminal block to track will make DCS work better.

This also lets you use lower power rating switches. The Relay contacts have to carry the heavy juice, the relay coil and switch won't need it.

One relay for each siding.

One of the simplicities of Command Control locomotives, is a staging area like this, as long as you have no problem with locomotives sitting on the track, powered, with lights on. I have had good results with my TT/RH wired as one block circuit.  Conventional Control is a complete different matter. We attempted something like this with the Club TT/RH using DCS with mixed results. The Track wiring set-up was not as friendly to DCS as it was to TMCC.  Both RH's are Korber 304 with one additional add on stall.   Modular TT has the Korber 304 extender kit also.
Home layout  TT/RH

Modular TT/RH

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