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I purchased a used MTH Premier P42 engine with PS2 c. 2004 model

It is behaving poorly because it is losing DCS signal and randomly shorting out my transform.

(I actually have another P42 of the same vintage that does the same thing)

This is a separate problem, but my other question is this -

Both motors had a rubber band around them that have disintegrated (I'm not talking about traction tires)

They are actually listed on the parts diagram but I don't know what purpose they serve, if any.

(I have never seen them on other MTH engines)

I don't think this is at all related to my main / major problem, but just curious- does anybody know what they are for?


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Typically they were used just to hold the motor's power wires in place. If the engine has the motors mounted to the trucks (as most diesels do), the motor will turn as the trucks turn, and it's better if the wires flex in their body section to accomodate that movement than for it to occur at the ends soldered to the motors' terminals.  Less chance of failure that way.  You're right, that's not the source of your problem, but if you're going to run the engine frequently, be sure to secure the wire leads to the motor body somehow so the the solder connnection is not the location of movement when the loco enters a turn.

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