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Actually, Mark and Scouting Dad, I was kind of shocked. As we all know, these are not inexpensive toys. And to find that the vaunted MTH, whose quality I've often enjoyed and relied upon, could let this engine  leave the factory like this is rather concerning. Ah, well, welcome to today's world once again, Rubin!  Now I'm going to open all of my newer stuff from MTH ( PRR F-3, L-1 Mikado and??? and see how they work.

Maybe I'm just out of touch, but I'm also finding that none of the MTH products have in box manuals. When I put together the train for my grandson, I thought he'd enjoy the colorful "pup cars," which he did. But I have found that I don't quite know how to properly mount the trailers after I've put the nub at the base of the trailer into the hole in the mounting bracket, I'm sure I'll figure it out, but once upon a time we had nice exploded drawings to work with. First I'll check MTH on line and see what there is.

Mark, I hope you're continuing to get better every day.

Stay well, everyone.


I don’t know that this belongs in this topic, but every once in a while, it’s just nice to share a “feel good “ piece.

Ever since I built my first layout in our current home, well over thirty years ago, one of my greatest hobby related joys has been receiving phone calls from friends, neighbors and family asking whether they might come over to “ watch the trains.” After all these years, I’m seeing that not only have I created memories for my own family, but for many others as well.

Once, a friend’s son who had moved to another country called to say that he was back in town to introduce his fiancé to his folks and wondered whether he could bring her over to see my trains, because he’s told her so much about them. She found them”just magical,” having never seen anything like it before.

Yesterday, a friend and neighbor whose kids had grown up seeing my trains, asked if her grandchildren could come over. As many of you will recall, I recently set up a 6 x 18 temporary loop to amuse my grandchildren. The next thing I knew, there were six kids under the age of 6 mesmerized as they watched my Lionel L-1 PRR Mikado smoke and chug its way around the loop followed by an F-3 just for contrasting sounds. The kids and their parents and grandmother were entranced for over a half hour before they had to leave for the airport and home.The picture may not be technically great, or even good, but the look on the boy and his Dad’s faces say it all. They only want to know when they can come back and see more of the railroad. Talk about inspiration!

What a joy!




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  • IMG_1805: A child’s first look at trains

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