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The OGR staff had breakfast at Alexander's in York this morning. After reading all the doom and gloom on the net about new owners, we went somewhere else on Thursday and Friday. However, we decided we wanted to see for ourselves whether all the rumors (old staff fired, bad food, etc.) were true. I am pleased to report that the rumors of Alexander's demise have been greatly exaggerated.


The great staff we remember (especially Nancy!) is still there. The chef must be the same because the food was delicious, as usual. The prices are up a little from before, but they were almost giveaway prices before. Most breakfasts are in the $4 to $6 area.


One great thing that Nancy shared with us was that they now have health benefits, something the previous owner never provided.


Those of you who were beating up on the place just because of an ownership change have it all wrong. It is still a great place for breakfast at York and it will continue to be an OGR tradition.


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I went there for the first time to attend the Legacy Users Group meeting and I was very impressed with how they handled an overflow crowd.  They served a large number of people in a small space in a relatively short period of time.  I believe the lady in charge was Paula and she could not have been nicer or more accommodating.  


Now that I know that the new owners are providing health benefits, I will be sure to eat there in the future.  I like supporting companies that are doing the right thing for their staff.  

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We (wife and I) would agree with you.


When we began to RV to York, we'd arrive Wednesday afternoon, set up, and walk to Alexander's for dinner.  A couple years ago we were disappointed to learn they closed early in the more dinners!


Then, this summer we learned that they had new owners and were open extended hours, 3-meal menus, website too!  So last Wednesday we returned for dinner. 


It was, indeed, very tasty, very good.  In fact, the only disappointment was the lack of had been more crowded at the hour we ate years ago.  I'm sure this will change in time.


So, we're pleased that this York-associated establishment is back on our list of 'musts'.


Oh, yes, my wife sez the other thing she missed this time at Alexander's was the dessert display in the front of her favorite taste temptation memories!  Hopefully that'll come back sometime soon!



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