This is a duplicate post of what I added to one specifically on the "Retirement Community Model Railroad" from our friend Arnold Cribari.  I think this particular OGR issue needs it's own thread!!

"I read a good part of the latest OGR issue last night.  I want to comment:

I read and collected that other (largely HO scale) magazine for many years, and now OGR for about 3 years.   That is the most useful, inspiring, and innovative model railroad issue I have ever seen!!  

- the Breckinridge Village article- made me want to move ( I live in NE Ohio).  The steel mill and refinery articles made me want to add each to my layout  (especially the part about using pasta- THAT is using the ol' noodle!).  The Collector" article on Texas Special sets made me want to collect.  The two articles by Eric Siegel made me want to spend more money.


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Thanks, guys, for your kind comments. Keep in mind that much--make that most--of what you read and see in OGR comes from YOU, and YOU are what make the magazine what it is and will be.

OGR contributor, Tuesday Night Train Team member (our informal Mercer, PA group), retired railroader, and good friend, John Penca, came up with the retirement village train layout article and he provided the text and photos. The steel mill article came from first-time OGR author Doug Chiado, who just wanted to share what he has done modeling something as massive as a steel mill in a small space. Even though I have not tried it myself, I was also intrigued by Bob Delbridge's computer game app and how he made it into an easy-to-use model railroad operations game (I really enjoy operations, and would love to publish more operations-oriented articles). And Ken Hoganson continues to provide me with a regular flow of track-planning articles for some really neat layouts that can generally conform to small spaces. The point is, all of these articles were inspired by the fellows who wrote them, and even though I know that it requires a lot of time and effort, I sure do appreciate all material that comes to us so we can share the hobby with as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

I'm currently on the lookout for some really interesting, unique, and photogenic Christmas layout articles for our Dec. issue. If you built one last year, or even before, that you feel might help put readers in the holiday spirit, just get in touch with me.

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