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We received a website order last night for a shadowbox of  the red brick version of the D.F. Stauffer project. The red brick version was created to take advantage of the classic style of the D.F. Stauffer building by changing the brick color, window style and window color. We developed an arts and crafts style window and used a color scheme of a local early 1900's building here in Chatham, NJ.

The shadowbox can be built out as 3-, 4- or 5- story versions of the whole D.F. Stauffer building (18-1/4" wide), or just the right side in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-story heights (5-3/4" wide). Note that the right side has a 1-story tall brick and cornice element that does not contain windows. The usual variations are available: clear, translucent, Roscolux Grey or Roscolux Grey w/ translucent behind, and lit or unlit.

As I do not have "build boxes" (cut/painted/ready to assemble models) for this variation, I need to create a run to fulfill the order. That is happening today. Do to shop size limitations (production and "build box" inventory storage) a typical run consists of no more than ten models.  If you are interested in one of the versions/variations please call the shop today or tomorrow to discuss your specifications. No payment is requested until your order is ready to ship when I ask for expressions of interest to fill out a run. The expected production time for this run is four weeks.

There are two sets of photographs below. The first three show the coloring of the red brick version. Note that this particular model was a special order as the building configuration was mirrored. The last photograph shows 4-, 5- and 6-story versions of just the right side of the original building configuration and coloring. Recently completed, there are two of each in "build boxes" ready to be assembled to window glazing and lighting specifications. These particular models are not yet listed on the website.


Happy Modeling!


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