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Time for your double dose of steam engines, smoking up the trainboard. We have included the massive, beautiful orange M1 and some #90 smoke. Not originally in my top 10 engines, this M1 looks quite good with these new matching passenger cars. Been looking for the cars at a reasonable price for 21 years, just never crossed paths til now. What is your top 5 engines?


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The C&O M-1 Coal Turbine was actually closer to a diesel than a steamer.  While it had a coal stoked boiler, that's where the similarity to a steamer kinda' ended.  The steam turned a turbine which spins DC generators that drive DC traction motors.  It's a neat and impressive model, mine started life as a PS/1 model, but I did the PS/3 upgrade to have command control and better sounds.

My top 5 engines (not in any specific order); these are models that I want on the layout I'll be starting soon:

-ET44AC Tier 4 GEVO


-Siemens ALC-42 Charger

-ATSF 4-8-4 #3751

-UP Big Boy #4014

Some other engines that I'd like to have on my layout, too:


-UP Challenger #3985

-ATSF SD45-2 Bicentennial and Blue/Yellow

-UP DDA40X #6936

-UP FEF-3 #844


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