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Hello, I just purchased (New), a Lionel Legacy 1931350 N&W J-Class 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive. Placed it on the track and right out of the box, (1) of  the (2) Running Lights on the front corners of the Locomotive "did not light".... Has anyone else had this happen, and is it something that can be resolved without having to ship the Locomotive back..?  I'm not sure if this is a Grain of Wheat Bulb inside the Light Housing, or is the light an integral part of the Housing and so the whole Housing must be replaced....removing the Shell, I could see (2) wires in a white plug coming off a small Board heading to the Light. The plug was tight so I believe the problem to be in the Light itself. Has anyone had this problem..?  Thank you for any advice....PRREnola

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Hi GunrunnerJohn, Yes, I removed the shell (only 4 screws), and can't see any part of the LED, looks exactly like the other side that's lit, the problem doesn't appear to be that the LED came out of the Light Housing; also checked the (2) wire plug where it plugs into the Board...nice and tight...It appears, I guess, that the LED is bad...?

Hello GunrunnerJohn,  Well,  it would appear that there was no LED in that marker light;  after further disassembly and removal of the ornamental housing on the outside...there's nothing there except the two wires. If it's a micro LED it would have to so small as to be a part of the Housing and may be sold together as a Unit..?  I don't know..?  A mutual acquaintance of ours, Tangoman1129 says you can repair anything...I tried calling Lionel all afternoon to see about the availability of this Part but could not get a busy signal every time I dialed...?  Any suggestions...?

It better still be under warranty...I've only owned it since last week. This was the 1st time out of the Box on the Track. It really hasn't been ran yet....when I saw there was an Issue with the marker light, I stopped right there. It's still brand new....Yes...I can post some photos tomorrow evening after work.  I really don't know if this has changeable color Marker Lights...It's the latest Legacy N&W J...the one everybody said Lionel got the color of the side stripe wrong....(didn't really know too much about that either ...they are somewhat too Orangish looking)....Has Blue Tooth; Legacy....whistle smoke....Product # 1931350....Cab # 603....doesn't say anything about changing color of the class Lights...I didn't realize it was missing the LED until my Son, who's  Career is IT came over tonight and took a look at it...and told me there's no LED; wires or 2-wire Pin on the one side....I guess that explains why there's no light on that side. I do have an e-mail in to Lionel ....Will try calling again tomorrow....I'm hoping they will replace the missing pieces ASAP... I guess since the problem has been figured out, this "thread" should be closed....??

Well it should be under warranty BUT  they may have an issue with you taking it apart.  You'll have to see what they say.  Not sure I'd mention that you opened it but I would think they'll know someone was in it.

These engines do not have the dual colored LEDs so they will not change class lights.  I had one and returned it to my dealer when Lionel announced the fix for the stripe color.  It wasn't what I personally was looking for in a fix. 

@PRREnola posted:

It looks like they used the same color on these Stripes that they used back in the late 1950's on the Toy version no. 746 with the shortened Tender's a shame because it's a beautiful Locomotive otherwise...IMO

Lionel had Harry Heike repaint them back in January / February for a limited time.  While it was claimed that only 12 people called Lionel to complain, rumor had it that Harry refinished over 100 units.  I had no issue with Harry's work, but for what I paid for that locomotive I wanted a factory paint job on both the stripe and lettering so I opted to return it.  They'll make another one and hopefully the correct color.

Hello and "Thanks" to all who took the Time to respond...It's greatly appreciated. I have attached (3) images....the 1st image of the Lionel N&W J with the un-lit Marker Light;  the 2nd Image of the LED; lead, and 2-Pin Connector that Lionel sent me since there was "nothing" in the Light Housing on that side; and the 3rd Image of the successful outcome of installint the Part Lionel sent.   So, I guess that concludes the need for further continuation of this "thread". Again...."Thanks" to all who took the time to reply. Your help and comments were much appreciated....PRREnola


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BYW....I should add that Lionel did send the LED; wire Lead; and 2-Pin Connector under warranty and at no cost to myself except in the time (and aggravation) , it took me to determine, the problem, disassemble the Locomotive Shell twice, and replace the LED....That shouldn't have to happen in a brand new $1400+  locomotive....but in my book, repairing it myself beats shipping it back and running the risk of damage during shipping and handling.    PRREnola

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