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I am in a completely DCS environment.  Most of my locos are MTH and i run a couple Williams conventional.  I would like to start running Lionel.  Is the best most cost effective way to do that still with TMCC command base?   Was wondering if there was any other options or that was still the way to do it.


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With regard to the original poster's question.  I also own a lot of MTH PS2-3 and am moving forward with a moderate sized layout to be wired for DCS. I have MTH 4000's, TIU's, and AIU's.

Recently I acquired 6 each Sunset  3rd rail locomotives (New York Central) all built between 2008 and 2016; all have a CONV/TMCC  switch. Rather than ask the most cost effective I ask what is the best TMCC/Legacy equipment for me to purchase for command control of these 3rd rail locomotives and possibly any new Lionel acquistions?

John, With regard to variable channels on my TIU. I will be using both FIXED and both VARIABLE  channels on one TIU. That TIU is connected to two Z4000 transformers. with 4 handles. I have been assuming I would be able to use all 4 channels both variable and fixed to run my conventional locomotives in conventional mode  by just using the Z4000 handles. Should I want to use the DCS remote for conventional operations I could only use the variable channels. Are my assumptions correct?


If you want to plan for the future, I'd go for the Legacy #990 system.  That gives you the maximum capability and will run any TMCC/Legacy purchases with full features.

With regard to the TIU channels, I'd only use the fixed channels with variable input power, I think you'll run into issues varying the input voltage on the variable channels.  For those channels, I'd use the TIU's capability of varying the voltage using the remote.

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