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I have always been a big fan of Neil Young. I listen to his music all the time in the shop. I think Neil had a very positive influence on our hobby and Lionel trains in particular. His history with Lionel and “Liontech” has been well documented many times. 

During the last decade, Lionel produced a number of products in the “Neil Young Signature Line”. Regardless if Neil was involved or not in the selection and ultimate production, I think it was a nice tribute to the man that pioneered realistic sounds and command control we have today.

 I am fortunate enough to own (2) of his “Signature Line” passenger trains. The 6-11194 “The Texas Special” and the 6-11195 “The PRR Trail Blazer”. Both of these sets contained a powered and dummy F3A and (4) matching passenger cars in a beautiful set box. Available for separate sale was a (2) pack add-on of cars (“station sounds” diner & Baggage Car) and matching powered / dummy F3B units. Overall, these are very impressive sets to see running the rails.

 I was moving some equipment around this morning and decided to stage the two passenger trains and take some pics before putting them back on the shelves for a little while.

 Both of these sets were issued in 2014 and may still be available today. Although, the Texas Special set is a lot tougher to find.

 Please enjoy the pictures.





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@breezinup posted:

Great thread. I'm a big fan of the two Neil Young passenger sets. Particularly for those with smaller layouts), these sets are ideal, especially given they are equipped with Legacy and other updated features. Beautiful sets, and a beautiful layout.

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments.....and.....breezinup....I quoted you because you are right, the sets have all the "right stuff". They also look great on a large layout! Like I said in my magazine article last month, I never get too hung up on scale and things like that. I run what I like and I like these sets with the shorter cars. I also have the Lionel UP Anniversary set, the Santa Fe Anniversary set, the Rio Grande set and the CP set. All with the shorty passenger cars and they look fine next to my scale stuff.

Thanks again all.


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