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So a month ago I had near zero experience with Lionchief. Since then I have installed LC hardware in 4 engines. One pair of F3s has two identical boards with bluetooth.

I can use the Universal Remote to pair with both engines if they are on the same track at the same time but have not been able to do the same thing with the App. The App sees two engines on the track and both have the same description as to type and road name but it only lets me pick one or the other.

Anyone found a work around for this? I have found the slider on the App to gives better low speed startup than the pot on the Universal Remote.


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I can't remember what video I saw it on since I watch so many, but the updated Lionchief app will be released at the same time as the base 3 app. It will allow you to operate 3 engines the same as the universal remote. Perhaps during the week Dave Olsen, or somebody from Lionel could chime in to verify this. I'm not a beta tester.

The Universal Remote still only controls one engine at a time. Just allows you to have 3 programmed into it.

Then let's ask @Dave Olson......

Thoughts Dave?

Will the updated LC app allow for multi-engine (lash-up) control?


@Norton posted:

I have found the slider on the App to gives better low speed startup than the pot on the Universal Remote.

Several months ago, I tested a LC+ 2.0 Baby K4 using the Universal Remote, and also found the low-speed precision to be lacking.  Head-to-head, it was clearly inferior to operating a LC+ (1.0) with its bundled remote.

If Lionel updates the App and makes it work with two locos, that'll provide a workaround for those who don't mind running their trains with a phone app.   However the Universal Remote has updateable firmware.  I would prefer that Lionel ALSO update the remote software to achieve better precision.

I'm fortunate enough to have CAB-2, CAB-1L, etc., and with those controllers the Baby K4 worked smoothly as I expected.  But given price and market conditions, many more entry-level hobbyists are likely to be using the Universal Remote.  Your post just confirmed my perception that with the default firmware, the U.R. doesn't allow the trains to operate to their highly realistic potential.

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The LC Remotes are obviously built to a price. I just picked up a dedicated remote for an 1st gen plain LC for 12 bucks and there are a lot of features in the Universal remote that make it a bargain but a better pot thats smoother with a different taper would help startup and low speed running a lot.

Given an engine can start slower with the App its not the fault of the engines.


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No updates to the LionChief APP. Instead, Cab3 has a "Bluetooth" tab that is in essence an upgraded version of the LionChief APP which allows multiple engine connects simultaneously.

FYI, Cab3 on Android is on the Play Store now. We're still working with Apple on getting the iOS version approved.

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