Running Your "Old" Lionel & A/F At 'Xmas Time?

No.  We have a 10th anniversary Polar Express and a new Lionel Christmas Express set under the Christmas tree.  I did add a Dept 56 boxcar to the Christmas Express set to add a little green color.  Does that qualify as "maybe?"

Considered setting up a loop of track in the dining room to run something old but didn't follow through.


Yes. The last 4 years at the Merrill Wisconsin Historical Society.




And all year round on the Blueboard Central Division of American Flyer Lines at home in the basement train room.

Northwoods Flyer




Yes, I do.  My 1951 Lionel 2026 (and its three silver 027 passenger cars) normally lives in honored retirement on our coffee table.  But at Christmas, I bring it downstairs to the layout for some workout time.

Nothing like the haunting sound of that old whistle to make me think of Christmases gone by.

BE2EB743-88D0-4471-990E-786C923797C0EEE82278-8FBD-4228-A4B7-738D44F7DDECWell, my little 1688 is running pretty much year round, but it is always in the Christmas section of my basement layout. My 2243 will certainly get some run time in the next two weeks, though whether it is on my Christmas tree layout or my basement layout remains to be seen.


Chris R.

Hammonton, NJ


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