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Looking to add some Rutland RR/VTR action to my humble layout. I’m mostly Lionel PW but I make exception for any make Rutland and VT.

Currently looking for:

Atlas O 6445-2

MTH 20-98395

This is my first post here after lurking for a bit. Excited to get to know people. 👍🏼
Thanks, Neil


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@Dave_C posted:

If you like to build kits and model the Rutland. This kit was a must have. You can still find them. Stood beside the mainline in Danby Vt..


This is very near to my heart.
The reason I got into O gauge is none other than Burt Crosby himself. Burt is Elbert Crosby’s son. After his father passed, Burt gifted me his father’s Lionel collection.
The foundation of my O collection is Elberts collection. 👍🏼

@Neil Philip posted:

Thanks Dennis👍🏼

Im in Danby and can be found in the mighty Otter Creek all the way from its headwaters to up and through Proctor chasing trout and watching trains.

Absolutely, fantastic trout fishing!  The Neshobe River joins Otter Creek in Brandon.  The two took a 'BIG' chunk out of Brandon a few years back... I think around 06/07.

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