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Was at the S-Fest in Waukeshaw WI yesterday, going back today, so here's a quick report.


Large trading hall, spillover into the main and side hallways.  Only major S manufacturer present was American Models.  Couple of East Coast dealers had to cancel because of Sandy. The current MTH teaser Flyer was the only thing from them, so no new info.


Good show for postwar Flyer, lots available at various price points, especially the upper end.  Several small layouts present. Some scale scattered though the hall.  Scored a scale wheeled Rex 2-6-0 for a hundred bucks that needs a little TLC, but is otherwise OK.


S-Fest cars (Soo Line composite gondola from SSA) will be shipped to Festers after they arrive, the containers for the car were distributed, though.


Pictures later.



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Mark, here's some shots of the old Rex 2-6-0.  1950's bullet-proof technology that will still be running after all the hi-tech stuff fails.


The locomotive was purchased from another Rusty, Rusty Westermeyer, who made some small modifications to the basic model, notably replacing the model's tapered stack with a straight one.

rKGB 110412 02

rKGB 110412 06


The wires in the tender are for an old Modeltronics sound system that no longer functions, they'll be the first to go.  Haven't decided on exactly what else I'm going to do.

rKGB 110412 05

rKGB 110412 04




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Very nice...thanks for posting these.


Makes me wish I lived someplace where I might have a shot at one; the only "somewhat local" shows I have access to rarely (if ever) have any non-Flyer stuff...


Enjoy your new purchase, and thanks again.


Mark in Oregon

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