S Foto Fun: July 2018

An SHS consist of ABA Union Pacific F3s passes under the urban train station. More modern UP power from American Models is on its right.

UP F3 ABA exiting tunnel

A CD hopper arrives at the grain silos.

SOO hopper

An SHS ABBA Super Chief passes through the suburbs on its way to the next destination, pulling AM Budd cars.

Santa Fe Super Chief


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leikec posted:

Rusty, you've probably mentioned this before, but what is the overall size of your layout? 

Jeff C

12'x18', more or less.  This was the first and only draft of the track plan (it's off by a foot and a half on length.)  Drawn somewhere in the 1988-89 time frame I should have been working instead of goofing off in the office.   It loosely resembles the final product:

KGB trackplan



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