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Recently Ro advertised a sale that included the Y3’s. I have one of the new PRR Y3’s and like it so I could not resist adding a B&O Y3 at the sale price. The PRR uses the long tender with 3 axle trucks, the B&O uses the shorter tender with 2 axle trucks. The Y3 remains the only S gauge engine with whistle steam.



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This might make owners a bit happier with their engines.

A long time ago I read that compound articulateds had only 4 chuffs per rev, although they could operate as simple articulateds when starting a train.

I just checked out the Western Maryland 2-6-6-2 under way on YouTube and it sure sounds like only 4 beats part rev to me. So it seems like the boards are ok for compounds, including the Erie Angus, but not for simple engines like the Big Boy or Challenger.

Fred McD

Good point.   Below is a link to more discourse on the topic.  Add to that, compounds start off simple (8), then after running transition to compound (4).  Program that into your decoder, perhaps some already have?  3-cylinder steamers like a UP 4-12-2 are also great fun to listen to, not to mention an Erie Triplex (talk about pretty quickly scrambled chuff).

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