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I am trying to put together a platform for the annual Christmas thing.  The problem is, I don't have a lot of space and my O gauge is forcing me into an undesirable situation.  The greatest width I have is 47 and some tenths inches which means my favorite O gauge GG1 is just about off of the platform and leaving little room for anything else.  Can someone tell me what the curve radius is foe an S Gauge GG1 engine?  Maybe I'll go in that direction.   

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I bought the American Models GG1 when they first came out, sometime in the 80s and with a little lubrication, it's been running great ever since.  A full length O scale GG1 is LONG.  The S version is proportioned perfectly, and will negotiate Gilbert's tight radius track nicely.   Of course, i just HAD to add directional lights, illuminated classification lights and the capability to run on AC or DC.  But right out of the box, it's a winner.  According the AM website, the only version not available is the 5-stripe green livery.

There's one on eBay tonight

American Models S Gauge Pennsylvania 4-6-6-4 Electric Locomotive #4927 EX

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Tom Stoltz

in Maine

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