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Maritime Railfan posted:

The NASG photo gallery is an excellent resource for most S scale products. 

The links come up with "Derailment: Page Not Found."

The NASG website is

Third button down on the right there is a button for "S Product Gallery."  Click on it and a directory will appear.  You can then select locomotives, cars, etc.

Bear in mind that none of the MEC or B&M locomotives or cars are currently in production and you will have to search the pre-owned markets.





I know American Flyer made a GP in Boston and Maine, I have that set. I do have a friend, a fellow NASG and BSG member who does have some of the S Helper F3 Maine Central A-B sets of locomotives. He purchased them some years back and the sets have been in storage since, they have been test run only. These are equiped with Hirail wheels with LOK Sound DCC decoders installed. If these might be something you would be interested in you can contact me through the email listed in my profile.


Lionel made a 40' Maine Central boxcar 48308,  44084/5 MEC waffle box in 2018 along with 44115 B&M Flyerchief GP7. S Helper service made the aforementioned F-3's along with an MEC extended vision caboose, Christmas version with a matching SW if I remember right.  Probably some various types of hoppers in B&M also along with a B&M TOFC.  American Models makes a different color scheme B&M boxcar, a 46' flatcar in B&M, 3 bay B&M hopper and a 4 bay B&M hopper. That's about all I can come with now.


My short S-gauge MEC freight train is made up of an S-Helper 2-8-0, PRS boxcar, L/AF boxcar, AF gondola with lumber load, S-Helper hopper, and S-Helper caboose.  I converted the Connie to TMCC with sound.  Its the only TMCC/Legacy engine I kept.  Sold all my others, but after you go to the trouble to convert that little beauty its impossible to part with.  The PRS kit boxcar has S-Helper trucks as does the gondola.  The gondola shell was sold by somebody years ago.  Don't recall exactly who.  Might still be selling them.


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There is a link to Ed Goldin on Carl's webpage. He offers a conversion service. Somewhere on Ed's page there are ballpark prices. You supply the engine, he supplies the electronics and labor. Actual price is determined after completion as each type of engine requires varying amounts of work. The larger S gauge engines also accept the sound board option. I had a American Models FM converted to TMCC and railsounds for around $300. Works like a charm.

Question for Tom (the AMFLYER version) -- at the risk of further hijacking this thread.  Based on this conversation and several earlier posts, you appear to have converted a number of S gauge engines to TMCC using the ERR boards?  Have you done this conversion to Gilbert or Flyonel engines - in addition to (?) American Models or SHS locos?  If so, which ERR board(s) did you use?  Maybe this is the subject of a separate thread, as I suspect there are others with similar questions and I can think of several other related questions I have.

thanks, Rich

I converted that 2-8-0 twelve years ago.  Here's a video of one of it's first test runs after completion.  It still runs great.  I chose a light whistle b/c I had engines with medium and heavy engine whistles, MTH had a 2-8-0 in O gauge with a whistle like this one, and the engine in general is on the petite side.  Were I to do it today, I'd choose a more robust one.  In terms of S-gauge conversions, Carl T. is Yoda, Ed G. Obi-Wan Kenobi, and I considered myself an aspiring  Jedi.  I leveraged information on Carl's site to convert this 2-8-0, but did a few things differently and soldered components to custom-fitted boards to pull it off  (very little room in that tender).  At the time I think Carl had completed one which got ruined in transit to the customer, was working on another, and was going to produce and sell a kit.   I did TMCC/Legacy conversions of steam, diesel, and electric engines for customers and myself over the years as well with DCC.  Its fun and breathes new life into postwar as well as modern production conventional engines.  Ed probably now has the most inventory of some of the key S-gauge conversion boards such as CruiseCommander Lite since Lionel jettisoned ERR and its new owners did not maintain manufacture of them.   

Have fun running your trains.


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All of my conversions have been done by either Carl Tuveson or Ed Goldin. The most recent two Carl has done for me is conversion of the FlyerChief Berkshire and Northerns to TMCC/Railsounds. He has modified a total of eight Flyonel engines for me.

Ed has done all the AM conversions for me, 15 to date. I think the neatest ones Ed did for me are the two AM Northerns with fan driven smoke, electrocouplers, TMCC/railsounds etc. I have a lot of run time with the converted engines. If you want to start a separate thread I can elaborate some.


I have converted a number of Flyer, both Gilbert and the Flyonel engines. The steam engines of the Gilbert era to run with TMCC are best retro- fitted with a can motor, that way you can use the cruise board. The Flyonel steamers have the can motors as do all but a few of the diesels. The PAs can also be fitted with a cruise board but the GPs  and the Baldwin's would need the Mini-2 because of the amount of room available. If you do have questions about TMCC in S there are many here that can help.



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There is something called Bluerailtrains dot com that makes a board or boards that provide blue tooth (i.e., smart device) control through their app.  These folks have been around for several years - what I can't tell without digging into it is a) are they still around and viable and b) whether you can do this on "dumb" engines or whether it only works on something that already has DCC...

If you want to learn more about battery-power and BlueRail in S gauge, Peter A. Vanvliet (NASG web site master) is very knowledgeable and experienced in that part of the hobby.   Not to mention responsive, friendly, and helpful.  

Peter’s site
Peter’s battery power article
Peter’s email
S-cab web site - a manufacturer mentioned in Peter’s battery power article.
Have fun running your trains.  
No matter how they're made to move.

Looking at the bluerail website, they certainly mention their connection with dead rail, but the website talks about having (or maybe its 'under construction') a board that works with DCC.  They used to make (or at least "offer") a board that sounded as if it controlled 'dumb' locos (meaning neither DCC nor TMCC, etc.).  I don't know anything beyond this.  Certainly the idea of having a blue tooth board that would enable control of 'ordinary' locos (with can motors to keep current draw below a couple of amps) would be pretty neat.

Their website has the look and feel of something that is marginally maintained - sort of all hat, no cattle - so I dunno.  I did send them an email via their contact link to see what they are doing/offering, if anything.  I'll report back on what I learn

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