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A visit from Ed Bommer this week. Ed selected Islandmodelworks O shells, added additional details to complete these 2R unique models.

Contact Prime Mover - MTH to request these in 2r & 3r with several paint schemes options


                                        Here are a few sample photos...

















                                         STATEN ISLAND RAPID TRANSIT (S.I.R.T.)


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Hello Steve (SIRT)

Well,  Ed B did a fantastic BEAUTIFUL job on the Island Models Works SIRT MU Car body shells.

You should get a few of the IMW SIRT Car O Scale Body Shells and have Ed clean them up, and do the same - with Ed's improvements - for you so you will have REAL SIRT models for your SIRT based excellent layout.  The photos are excellent and YOUR layout very well compliments the SIRT CAR models as being shown in their real "SIRT system habitat environment as modeled on your layout by you !  Well, at least NOW you have some great photos of real SIRT CAR models on your fantastic layout !

I have two of those IMW made SIRT MY Car O Scale body shells and plan to do them up and paint and detail  them up as they appeared in the BMT services in the mid 1950's -- Maroon bodies with cream wide band along the windows.  To run on my O Scale EL System.  See image below --- seen on BMT Culver line

Regards - Joe F

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@Magicland posted:

I seem to remember these being painted blue. If my memory's not totally shot, when did they switch from the green to blue?

Cars were converted to B&O Royal blue around 67 - 68. Due to the shortage of cars in service from fires, the paint schemes had to be done in stages at Clifton. The grey ends came first. So, cars were green, green & grey then blue & grey. The last paint job was all blue, grey roof with yellow grab irons and grey safety screens for protection from rock throwers.

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Steve, is the street light by the taxi scratch built?

Most of the lights are H.O. Some poles have extensions added.  20 years ago that was the only lights available. Today you can find 1:50 and 1:48 from China.

I used many of these -

West side Joe is continuing the subway tradition now! Great modeling to the next level!

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Hello Steve P and Ed B

Great new batch of those newest photos.  The Ed's SIRT MU Car Models and - as seen on - Steve's O Scale Layout represent Museum caliber modeling and scratch building by Steve for his layout.  Fantastic reality in the scenes   also !  As close as to nearly real !  

Regards - Joe F

Thanks Joseph, your El modeling along with others on here inspired me to do my best.

Hello Steve (P) ---

Seeing modeling and detailing work like yours and Ed Bommer, Joe Poretto (NY subway) and W. Side Joe (NY Subway) along with a few  others of such fine caliber modeling -- also keeps me inspired to keep on going and modeling --- as we all get closer to the "track bumper" of life as Senior Citizens.  I have about 20 transit and trolley car body projects underway now -- slowly progressing.  You and I conversed some years ago about Ed on my NYC Transit Modelers Group --- and I saved this website of photos of Ed's SIRT & B&O / Central RR of NJ based O Scale Layout (from O Scale Kings) --- great scenes on that site that I wanted to share here.   Link below: - and a 3 sample photos of Ed's layout below

ed bommer 08

ed bommer 25

ed bommer 04

On my around the  39' long x 15' wide rectangular train room is my shelf based HO SCALE mainline RR operation (200 + passenger cars.  I model B&O, CNJ, PRR, LIRR, NYCRR, NHRR, READING RR, Metro North and AMTRAK commuter & mainline passenger fleets.  Both heavyweight and streamline fleets where prototype. My O Scale NY EL-Trolley layout (modular) is in the center length of the  floorplan of the train room with aisles around it between it and the 39' long side walls where the HO shelf RR runs.  (In HO scale mainline railroading since the 1970's to present because I get more miles with it and more train lengths in the available space (15' wide X 39' long) than in O Scale for the railroad layout !!)

Again, very inspiring modeling work by you and Ed !

Regards - Joe F

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SIRT 29 also made the visit to Steve's layout, along with some cars I built.  The B&O K-1 four-wheel caboose is from a Train Craft kit I bought as a teen in 1954. My father told me I wasted the $5.50 I paid of the kit as foolishness.  I rebuilt it in the 1980's to better follow its prototype. Yes Dad, I still have it! And a North Shore one-car local makes is way along the concrete viaduct through Port Richmond.

S. Islander



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Ed did a his typical “Boomer” job on these cars. Nothing short of outstanding as usual. I remember when he was working on these, he sent me pictures as he was going. I was surprised how many corrections he had to do. I saved all his emails and pictures on the subject. I have four cars to do. The cars look REAL on your layout. Both the cars and the layout compliment each other.

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