Seeing nobody else has mentioned it, I guess I will.

Two words: Not much.

Ryan Kunkle from Lionel waved a "U36C" around briefly, didn't even take off the foam protecting the handrails.  Mentioned the only difference between a U33C and a U36C is 300 horsepower.  Externally, both units are the same.  No questions about scale wheels that I could hear.

MTH's Andy Edleman talked briefly about the new fishbelly hopper with peaked ends, but displayed a pre-production standard rib-sided hopper with peaked ends instead.  Go figure...  Image is cropped from a screen capture of the presentation:

MTH Peak End Hopper

The catalog shows the fishbelly hopper, so, who knows what will be showing up.  Stay tuned.  Image: catalog screen capture.

Speaking of catalogs, Doug Peck indicated on another forum that there was a rumor that there will only be the on-line S Scale catalog, no hard copy.  Also, "Order Now" pricing expires December 1st.  Perhaps the catalog will show up after 12/1, given that S Scale is the only MTH catalog with pre-order pricing.



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