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I dug through my photo archives for some pictures taken on my old layout.


KGB 011715 001KGB 011715 004

ACF Centerflow hopper (ex Pacific Rail Shops)

KGB 053115 002

40' Ice Reefer (ex Pacific Rail Shops)

frt 051014 08

FMC Double door modern boxcar:

KGB 061514 004

Evans double plug door boxcar:

KGB 062914 003

Tank car (ex very early original S Scale America.  When Ron Sebastian bought the line, he also bought the SSA name)

NASG 2003 Sinclar [1)

Pretty much all of the cars come equipped with HiRail Wheels and Flyer-compatible couplers.  Many of the cars have scale wheels included but no scale couplers.  The latest cars like their modern Thrall gondolas come as HiRail only.  I'm given to understand that Des Plaines will swap out the wheels at no charge, but don't hold me to that.

The former Pacific Rail Shops cars have a little more fragile detail than the cars designed by SSA/DPH, but all are quality cars with superb graphics.

Des Plains Hobbies is the go-to place for S Scale America because they own the tooling.  However, since the passing of Ron Sebastian, the future for SSA cars is cloudy.



Images (7)
  • KGB 011715 001
  • KGB 011715 004
  • KGB 053115 002
  • frt 051014 08
  • KGB 061514 004
  • KGB 062914 003
  • NASG 2003 Sinclar (1)

I have a good number of their centerflow hoppers and 50-ft boxcars as well as one gondola. The hoppers are very well done. The boxcars are surprisingly heavy and very highly detailed. Rusty and Chuck are right--excellent products that are accurate, well built, and finely detailed. (Note the top of Rusty's Railbox cars. A number of the 50-ft boxcars with differently colored roofs have an "overspray" effect that resembles how the manufacturers actually paint these monstrous cars. It is a nice S Scale America touch.)

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