The only ones I know of are from American Models.  They have EMD's F-40PH in two paint schemes: F-40PH

F-40 Phase II - Click Image to Close

And cars, but only the Superliner coaches, no diners: Superliners

Amtrak Phase II Coach - Click Image to Close

Up until a year or so ago, they were in sets, but now it looks like they're closing out any Amtrak items.  I have two sets with locomotives, and they run great.  I've had them for years, and with minor lubrication once in a while, they'll run for a long time.  One of the best things is that American Models stocks parts for all their offerings.  So if repairs are necessary, you can always do the repairs.

They also have undecorated Budd coaches that can be custom painted.  I did a few for myself, and they look great behind the F-40PHs



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