I was at a train show today and saw a Woodland Scenics  BR5064 Rustic Water tower in HO scale and was surprised how well it appeared to fit in with our 1:64 scale structures. The reason is the O scale version is GIGANTIC so the HO scale version looks good for "S".

There is a small shed included with the model but just don't use it and you have a good sized model. It's about 10" tall so it's about 54 feet tall in "S".

 It's very well done. If I had the dough and a space for it I'd get it. I have neither so....


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But Mark -- it doesn't bubble...!  Actually, its very similar to water towers all over western NE where I grew up - even down to the "small town" graffiti ("State champs").  I think we painted ours with "Seniors '63"  (gosh, a looooong time ago),

- Rich

The Lionel spheroid works well too, it shows up in the catalogs in various decorations from time to time.  This was the original without the LED on top, I've long since removed the lettering:

SL 060527 02SL 060527 03

Or, if you can find one, Athearn once made an HO water tower that will also pass.  I replaced the Lionel one with it because I wanted an older tower:

SL 070407 02SL 070407 03

The beauty of water towers is they come in all sizes.  I've seen some pretty small towers in some rural communities.



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