"Flatcar" Fred has orders to get all those containers on the dock loaded on a train "No matter what!" screamed the dispatcher.

Trouble is "Flatcar" was one well car short.

So ever the problem solver "Flatcar" made a command decision and here's the result:
Early double stack suggestionDoublestack 2Doublestack 23.5 ft. high

Other than the fact that the load tops out at 23.5 feet above the rail who's gonna notice?

"Flatcar" hopes there's no tunnels wherever that train's going or he'll be looking for a new job.

Amazingly these Des Plaines hobby containers fit this SHS bulkhead flatcar perfectly. It's almost as if they were meant to go together! Well at least on my layout. 

The railroads did and still do ship containers on flatcar but a double-stack? Not likely.

 Fred better start looking for that new job.

Apparently they do stack them like this in the country of India.



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banjoflyer posted:

The railroads did and still do ship containers on flatcar but a double-stack? Not likely.

Image result for container on flatcar [cofc) is a combination of which two modes of transportation


Except, that's not a container on flat as such.  It doesn't go anywhere except back and forth on the CN.

That's a Distributed Braking Car, a dedicated car used to help maintain air pressure in cold weather.  There's a generator, compressor, fuel and air tanks inside the old container.

Air Brake Repeater Car CN 0009

"The March 2009 issue of TRAINS contains an article by Dan Calabrese on  new technologies in use on the CN in Canada; where there are Distributed Braking Cars. These cars are used in flat terrain to facilitate longer trains without using additional locos as Distributed Power. The cars resolve a winter problem of very cold weather, shrinking gaskets, obviously a real problem on the Canadian plains."



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The "48" is not the car number. It signifies that it can hold a container up to 48 feet in length. These are Gunderson stack well cars from Des Plaines Hobbies. They are nicely detailed and hold Des Plaines Hobbies 48-ft containers seen in the pictures. The J.B. Hunt is a Des Plaines Hobbies 53-ft container that does not fit into these 48-ft cars but can be double-stacked prototypically on a 48-ft container as Mark has done. This summer Des Plaines Hobbies is planning to introduce the Gunderson Maxi-IV 3-car articulated stack well car that will carry their 53-ft containers in the well. This series of S scale cars (I'm using the word scale to mean 1/64th scale because Des Plaines offers them in either high-rail or "scale" wheelsets) is part of their S Scale America line.

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