SALE: MTH Premier Western Maryland 2-car Baggage/Coach Madison Set, Various MTH Premier Freight Cars/sets and Atlas 21" CZ and Amtrak Passenger Cars

The following items are for sale.  Don't have time to post pictures right now.  All are mint and never out of their excellent boxes.  Whatever does not sell will be going to my table at York. If you need to see the items, just go to the MTH product locator or Atlas website for the CZ and Amtrak 21" passenger cars:

MTH Premier Passenger & Freight cars/sets:

20-4466:  Western Maryland Madison 2-car Baggage/Coach set; $125.00

20-90517, 20-90518 and 20-97034: CSX 4-car Coke Express sets (3 sets), 12 cars total; $150.00 each or all 3 for $425.00

20-91097: SF Bay Window Caboose $45.00

20-94073:  (2) NYC R50B Express Reefer Cars (2 each w/ diff. road numbers) @ $40.00, both for $75.00

SALE PENDING: 20-97499:  (2) Clinchfield 4 Bay Hopper Cars w/ coal loads @ $32.00 or both for $60.00

20-98905:  CSX Crane Car $65.00

20-98909:  CSX Crane Tender $50.00

All Atlas 21 inch CZ and Amtrak Passenger Cars:  @ $125.00 (dealer cost)...ask for discount on multiples.

Add Shipping or FREE delivery at York TCA this week.

Call me at 610-653-0777 or write "






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