The third and final stop on my San Diego CA trip was a visit to the San Diego Model Train Museum.  The museum is in the basement of one of the central buildings in San Diego's Balboa Park (imagine that, trains in a basement?) and the signage for the museum outside the building was somewhat minimal.  I guess if you are the kind of person who likes trains, you'll know where to go, otherwise there really isn't a whole lot of foot traffic going on down that way.  It's likely I missed some big giant sign, sometimes I'm a little bit clueless.


I was kind of excited when I arrive and saw that they had a Tinplate event in progress (Tinxten: A Century of Tinplate Trains), so they had a ton of tinplate on display throughout the museum.




The museum had a very fine layout of O-Gauge 2-rail which was neat to see, since I've never actually seen much of this anywhere (I'm kind of a newbie really).



There was plenty of HO stuff to be seen...

my favorite HO feature was this turntable / engine house


But the best was clearly saved for last, because in the deepest recesses of the basement, I stepped into O Gauge Heaven... 

The San Diego 3-railers club!




Additional pictures and video of the San Diego 3-Railers layout can be found at the following link:


All the best...Rich Murnane



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