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Hi all. This is the second time I am listing this beauty. I bought it from an MTH Auction. It is beautiful and runs perfectly. And is a production model and has never been run except for me putting it on the track when I got it. I can’t use it because I run all DCS. I bought it WRONGLY assuming it was a PROTO 2. It is not. It has LOCO SOUND . I paid 160 plus shipping for it. I am willing to let it go for exactly what I paid. I will eat the shipping.  Thanks  F91B23F1-4730-4ADD-8F43-7F483B920CB2BE1F30F0-D0EF-4BE9-9F3C-FE0C5AB67DC814691C74-D273-443D-ADBC-2ADE411BDC51C254A9E1-5026-42D0-9D96-C90772C128767F1CC7D5-E109-4A93-AB59-F05CCD3E2A84


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  • F91B23F1-4730-4ADD-8F43-7F483B920CB2
  • BE1F30F0-D0EF-4BE9-9F3C-FE0C5AB67DC8
  • 14691C74-D273-443D-ADBC-2ADE411BDC51
  • C254A9E1-5026-42D0-9D96-C90772C12876
  • 7F1CC7D5-E109-4A93-AB59-F05CCD3E2A84
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