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I purchased a used 20-65199 (2012) 5-car Santa Fe passenger set yesterday no realizing it had been re-released for 2021. The new set feature list includes:

  • Plated bodies
  • Stamped metal floors
  • LED lighting
  • Detailed brake wheel
  • Hand painted figures.

The 2012 set does not list these features.

Can anybody tell me if the 2012 set is the same or is it missing the features listed above.

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  • 20-65199
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MTH has made numerous Santa Fe sets over the years with notable differences. Early ones had nice interiors but no passenger figures. Next step was scale sized (larger) sprung trucks with 10 passengers per car. MTH was the first to offer the nice plated cars that are really brilliant. I don't know how many variations of these handsome sets have been offered but ALL of them are nice and of good quality. Yours appear to be of the 2nd generation and should be very nice.

Some like the new stainless look while others prefer the aluminum painted look. Depends which prototype you are modeling.

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