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I need help with a wiring (?) problem.
I disassembled the engine to  clean the brushes and commutator and to lube the armature. When I reassembled it, the engine wouldn't move when the track was electrified.  When the E Unit is engaged, the engine receives power but remains in neutral.  It will not shift to forward or reverse.  Every time I give it power, it's in neutral.  If the E Unit is disengaged, however, the motor does not receive power at all.
I'd appreciate suggestion for fixing it.  Thanks.

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Remote diagnostics is tough, but...

Some tests with the shell off.

Check the motor solder connections and make sure the wires aren't broken. 

Make sure the spring finger is on top of the motor brush.

With a toothpick, make sure the armature turns freely.   

Next have the e-unit on.   With the engine on the track, power on/off and watch the E-unit plunger.  Is it going up with power on and down with power off?   Is the barrel turning.  If the plunger is working and the barrel turning, and the engine isn't moving, then there may be an electrical connection problem.   

With power many E-units make noise.   If the motor brushes are clean and moving freely, then it sounds like a problem with the E-unit.  When the motor is in nuetral, the engine makes no noise.  If the E-unit and wires are original it could be time to replace.   

See my E-unit page for details.  There is also an example of wiring the motor directly to check the motor itself.

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