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We'll after apparently violating the forum rules in my fist 5min of use and first post (posted in multiple forums…)- which were all deleted -I'm back! You can't keep an Alco 244 down- unless of course you blow a turbo…. …not all that uncommon….

Is there any interest in Sunset producing the Goldbonnet special General Electric "Golden Values" Alco PA? Overland Models did it once in Ho scale.

#53 was painted in gold for this special train in early 1960. Not sure the min quantity Sunset would need to produce. If any of you are interested emil a Scott-without letting him know there is no way it can happen.

I would also like to see the SF units as modified with MU in nose, antenna, moved exhaust from original roof location, etc. This is the way the gold unit was in 1960. Only Key in their 1980's run offered the modified SF Alco PA.

Not sure how to let the 3RS and 3rail guys know  since I guess I cannot post there too-so I guess that narrows the probability greatly- buy we'll see- I am "infer" one unit-maybe 2 if needed... anyone else???

Thanks and my apologies to the forum gods for my ignorance of the rules. I guess the forum software deleted my posts-good thing we have technology to watch over us train nerds so we don't hurt ourselves….this is such serious stuff you know….toy trains….

GOLDBONNET!!!! any takers???


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I thought the magic number was around 20, but not 100% sure on that.

Myself and many others like the early or as delivered versions of his models. Quite simply because it's much easier to add details to a plastic shell for a later date, than it is to remove details to back date the engine.

Ever tried removing nose lift lugs or eye brow grabs, filling the holes and then matching the paint? fun at all. Drilling holes to add grab irons? .... piece of cake.

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I am not a typical O Scaler, but for what it is worth: I think the Warbonnet PA is one of the most beautiful locomotives ever.  I think the gold version is not attractive at all, and would not consider it.  That is just one data point, so now you are 50-50.

I wondered why you needed multiple posts, but did not think it violated any rule.

bob2 posted:

I am not a typical O Scaler, but for what it is worth: I think the Warbonnet PA is one of the most beautiful locomotives ever.  I think the gold version is not attractive at all, and would not consider it.  

Well for Santa Fe fans like myself, if they had one, I'd buy one. It's not about being attractive or not 

Santa Fe added a ground plane to radio antennas on many diesel locomotives, to increase effectiveness of the antenna.  This was done with "firecracker", "disc", and Sinclair antennas.  Keeping the antenna from being directly mounted to the roof also reduced water leaks and made it much easier for the radio shop to replace an antenna.

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No gold bonnet for me, and absolutely no nose m-u, Leslie chime air horn, radio antenna, or any extra post-1960 grab irons.  I'm with Laidoffsick - those who want those appliances can add them to their PA's after they receive them.  Personally, I model 1953, so I can handle the stack in either position, original or Vapor 4740 steam generator stack, and wipers mounted at either the top edge (1949 and later) or lower (1946-49) windshield edge.  Santa Fe was by far the first carrier to move its Alco windshield wipers to the top edge.  Some others did it later, and some never did.  PA2 and PA3 units were built with top-mounted wipers.

I saw the gold-bonnet engine spotted on the team track at Fullerton.  I was riding my bike home from St. Mary's school (making my customary inspection at the depot en route) and there was the 53L, muttering unevenly to herself, coupled to several of the 1938 Budd cars with their trucks sprayed with gold paint.  Of course, I turned in and went up for a closer inspection.  A Fullerton policeman tried to run me off, but Trainmaster Frank Rose quickly intervened and told the cop to let me go wherever I wanted.  God bless Frank Rose.  He was a good man and a mentor to me- my idea of a good Trainmaster and a good railroader.  He was not heavy on discipline, and he could take a long switch list and do the job as well or better than the Trainmen who worked for him. Sometimes Mrs. Rose met him at the depot and he took her to lunch.  He was killed in an auto accident later in the 1960's, near the entrance to the Rivera Yard.

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