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I wanted to share some photos and videos of my K-line and MTH Santa Fe passenger cars. The Santa Fe K-line cars are a new addition. I was thinking the Mth cars were missing something, but didn’t know what. They were very detailed. Now that I have the k-like ones, I like them better. Maybe it is the finish. I was considering keeping the mth as they have additional cars I can add like a full vista dome, mail, and dining car. I was also considering selling them.

One thing that will help me with my decision is I know the same mth cars were made plated, can you still buy those new from a train store or are they all sold out?

Thanks, photos below



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  • CCFD2B73-0D7E-4578-A12A-39771E1DE66D
  • 848E6376-47CF-4654-B6C1-E07990A489DA
  • DFC6DA4F-A892-444B-BAAB-347129603212
  • 36B8AB35-00E7-4C79-BC7F-329177286E35
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