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@yamawho posted:

Do you have the number handy ... better still, maybe you can sell me yours

Here is the B-unit:

I believe there may have been other releases of them, so there are probably other product numbers as well.

Would sell mine if not part of my son’s first train set. I’m guessing they’ll be some of the last to go when everything eventually gets sold off….

I checked everywhere on Black Friday and cyber Monday and not much with prices coming down on Lionel sets. The Lehigh valley set was the only one on sale that I saw and that was on Amazon. I had Amex points so the set was discounted to 263 and I got it for a 100 bucks with points. I’m gonna give this to my nephew who’s 6 years old so I’m gonna score some points there too:-)

A lot of the SF 6-84719 sets were broken apart by retailers and eBayers alike, so I bought the 3 car passenger set less the locomotive, and then purchased the baggage car and 2 dome cars. I pull the passenger set with my SF WarBonnet F3 AA TMCC set from the 2004 catalog which are beautiful models. Here's a video. Disclaimer: the start and stop are a bit abrupt in the video as my Legacy Cab-2 was in the shop and I was using my old Cab-1. The Cab-1 is not nearly as precise as the Cab-2. Another note; the lead powered F3 has been upgraded to ERR Cruise Commander M (DCDR died) and I installed the ERR Railsounds board for F3/F7. Runs better and sounds better than original.

@Tony H posted:

I bought two sets back when these came out.  Got a deal on both of them when Kohls let you use 30% off coupon on the sale price, they don't do that anymore.  For the second set, I sold everything except the engine and came out even on the second set.  Sold the track and power from the first set as well, as I don't use Fastrack.  I reversed the motor leads on the second engine so I run an ABA with the engines facing opposite but responding to the same remote.  So with 4 of the can motors it works fine with the add on cars.

Just checked my receipt, back in 2018 I paid $258 for each set.  It is a great set, added the extra Lionel cars, a full MTH dome car and the B unit that Lionel offered a few years back.

As long as we are on the subject, I bought the LC set about 2 years ago when I retired and decided to get back into model trains. After not a lot of use, the engine started being quirky, starting and stopping, and then it just died. Unfortunately, there are not too many options for LC repair in the San Francisco area. Any ideas about how I might troubleshoot it? My guess is that if I sent it into a repair center, the shipping plus the cost of the repair would exceed the cost of buying the engine only on eBay or through the forum.

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