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@Mark Boyce posted:

Lee, that is a great idea!  Very nice car!  Lots of folks have Santa Fe.  As an Appalachian railroad modeler, I’m afraid I have nothing to contribute!

CSX  ,  BP ,  PENNSY ,  B&O  and  C&O  here.............but ever since seing a video of a real SF on Pennsylvania rails I  had to succumb to the call of the Premier plated F7s .

( even cast my cash in for some Premier UP F7s and the gray 4-8-4  😶 )

...........never looked back

@Ron H posted:

Custom detailed ATSF Alco PA with scratch built brass pilot, detailed trucks and proper radio antenna. Did a post on detailing a Lionel ABA set years ago

Ron,  this is still one of my favorite clips of the ATSF PA's.   The three plumes of smoke are spectacular!  You should consider making a new feature video of this locomotive in a realistic setting for everyone to see sometime. Your 'scale' track is terrific too. In looking at Erik's 2 rail layout and your track I realize that 2 rail is probably in my future if I stay with the hobby down the line. The lower profile track is SO much better visually as it gives the effect of making our models appear more massive like the prototypes.

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As you can tell by my OGR name I'm a Western Pacific fan, the company that struggled up until UP bought them in 1983. But, I'm also a huge AT&SF fan, with two ABA sets of Santa Fe WarBonnet paint schemes. One day I'd like to have a F3/F7 Blue and Yellow WarBonnet! The photo is of #18 TMCC AA set with added B unit from the Lionel 2004 catalog. It's pulling the Semi Scale Chief set of passenger cars.

This Santa Fe WarBonnet paint scheme caboose was made by Lionel for LOTS. I purchased it from a LOTS member. The interior is complete with cabinets and tables.

Semi Scale Chief Dome Car. I added figures in all the passenger cars. I even have a guy sitting on the throne in one of the bathrooms! :-) Yes, the figures pants are down around his ankles, and little kids see that and just start laughing out loud! I love it! I'll spare you from a photo of that as it may not be acceptable in this forum.

Here's a couple of Menard's trucks in Santa Fe WarBonnet paint. These are lighted trucks.


Images (5)
  • Santa Fe F3: ABA Set
  • LOTS Santa Fe WarBonnet Caboose
  • Santa Fe Chief Dome Car semi Scale
  • Menards WarBonnet Truck
  • Menards WarBonnet Ford Pickup truck

@lee drennen : Lee really neat Alco freight cab unit...I saw on another thread how you made this one and it looks great. Fabulous pictures everyone, GG1Guy that is quite a display ... but where are the GG1's??

Here are a couple of Santa Fe switchers for you all:

Here is the Marx 1998  Alco S3 switcher made between 1955 and 1962 in two color schemes.  First the more common maroon and yellow, shown here with a MOPAC (note lee!) cattle car and an empty auto rack.

Marx Alco S-3 Switcher

Here is the same locomotive in the much less common but likely more prototypical black and white livery.

Marx 1998 BW ATSF switcher


Images (2)
  • Marx Alco S-3 Switcher
  • Marx 1998 BW ATSF switcher

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